Tucked in beautifully in the vibrant Maboneng district is the BlackOlive House Studio that offers corporate and casual fine dining experience with a signature touch; Your signature touch.
The studio is situated at an office park in Van Beek Street, offering a more private feel to your dinning experience.
BlackOlive House Studio consists of an open-plan kitchen where guests can enjoy a “chef’s table” experience over the counter with the chef preparing their meals. The lounge upstairs overlooking the lawn area of the office park provides for proper dining and table setUp to your specific needs. Guests can also plug in their laptops and work from the comfy couches and host breakfast, lunch or dinner meetings.
The aesthetics of the studio tell the story of the brand, fine private dinning!
The added advantage of the studio is the flexibility of space offered, where large numbers can also be entertained outside by the lawn area whilst also enjoying a full-on BOH experience (BlackOlive House)
A studio for all seasons and needs. Do contact them on any of their online platforms below.