The first thing you’ll notice when talking to this Joburg-based motorsport adrenaline junkie is the confidence in their knowledge on all things automobile. A young lady not afraid to push supercars to their limits from the driver’s seat! iTopForm recently torque’d cars with Aluta Maqoko, co-founder of The Kolloquium…

Firstly, for someone who has no idea, give us a brief rundown of your job?

I’m the link between the buyer and the seller. I make sure the process is as seamless as possible for both parties; I also dabble in leasing of vehicles every now and then.

What sparked your interest in cars, more specifically high performance vehicles?

Growing up in an environment where cars were treasured definitely sparked the interest. I see more in cars than just the badge. I want to know what’ s under the bonnet and does it ignite my petrol head?! The keenness to learn, drive and push boundaries coupled with extensive exposure led me into high performance cars.

You’re in a movie, being chased by cops for jumping a red robot, your next onramp is the Route 66, what car are you fleeing in?

At the top of my head, F12 TDF. I might regret it…

What is the easiest way to differentiate between a super car and hyper car? Examples of each.

The way I see it, a super car is basically a track focused car with a touch of every day practicality. A car that you can probably use every day but would be better not to. Example ;Ferrari 458

 A hyper car is a show case of technology  and a  glimpse into the future by the manufacturer.  A practical example is the performance enhancing hybrid technology  that has trickled down into the premium badged cars which is demonstrated by how Porsche 918 and the Panamera share the same technology.  Example McLaren P1

You’re in your late 40s and driving the boys to soccer practice; are you in an estate wagon, a SUV or Transporter Mini Van? And name the Make and Model

(hahaha) In my head, I should be in an Aventador SV and they are behind me in a LWB Range Rover Autobiography with their au pair!  But…. because mom feelings would have kicked in, I would be in a black Audi RS6.

Are South Africans well invested in learning more about the cars they drive or would you say we generally buy based on looks and not what’s really under the bonnet, or in some super instances boot lol?

90% of South African’s are not invested in the cars they drive! It’s just look, social value and practicality –nothing really tangible as to why.

A South African version of the Autobahn freeway; yay or nay? Answer this without sounding too politically correct, hahaha…..

Yes of course! Wow, everything about the German Autobahn is top notch plus it would satisfy the primal desire for speed.

It would also put pressure on government to build better roads, improve our licensing system as well as instil in us a will and incentive to obey the rules of the road. I think this would work even better coupled with a world class railway system for both commuters and cargo.

Your one piece of valuable advice for someone looking at buying their first super car ?

Advance driver training is crucial.

The Kolloquium Blog in 4 years time ; where would you like to see it?

We would like to see The Kolloquium as a reputable motoring lifestyle online magazine with a TV show reviewing cars on long road trips with the people who currently co-parent it with me. Authentic content without the boring stuff.