Being someone who spends hours daily on local content sites and publications – and has an inquisitive taste for all things “lifestyle” centered – I have come to know and follow a number of online profiles of people who write and share content befitting my interests.
What better way to meet, discuss and share thoughts with them than to host the Writers Block luncheon. 
“Its always good to touch base with other writers with different opinions but the same drive to refine the way we communicate” as beautifully quoted by one of our guests in attendance who is both dynamic in person as she is on her online content. 
We spent some time sitting across the kitchen counter, drinks and discussions, with the guests marveling over the impressive culinary skills displayed by the chef whilst preparing our meals, bubbly in one hand lol.
Starters and Main course was served at the dinning table at the lounge upstairs beautifully decorated and set up by the team at BlackOlive House.
With the inviting winter afternoon sun spread over the lawn area just outside the studio, we all decided to “flip the script” and have our dessert “bathing in the sunlight” with bubbly drinks and banter that took us well into sunset and evening.
I take my hat off to the team at BlackOlive House for the world-class dinning experience and the warm reception. 
Many thanks to GrahamBeck Bubbly for the drinks, always a bubbly time with your drinks in the picture. 🥂